Nachruf Blanche Widdowson

Foto Klaus Laws (Blanche Widdowson und Kerstin Trefz)

„Blanche Widdowson, die Frau des früheren Partnerschafts-Secretary Brian Widdowson, ist am 28. Februar 2024 im Alter von 89 Jahren im Altenheim in Dronfield gestorben. Blanche war früher viele Jahre lang in der Partnerschaftsarbeit aktiv und hat auch zusammen mit Brian jahrelang am Stand auf dem Straßenfest gearbeitet.“ sagt Ute Walker, ISPAS-Sprecherin für die Partnerstadt Dronfield.

Anbei die Trauerkarte von ISPAS

Sindelfingen, 4.3.2024

Dear Brian,

we at ISPAS offer our condolences to you on your tragic loss of your beloved wife Blanche.

Blanche took active part in Town Twinning affairs by working very hard at fundraising events in Dronfield. She was also for many years a familiar figure at the Strassenfest in Sindelfingen to which the two of you came regularly. You always came in your car whose boot was filled with goods to sell on the stall. Blanche was always there prepared to help and to make sure Twinning was thriving.

For many years Blanche and you also played excellent hosts for visitors from Sindelfingen and a lot of these visitors who came on official missions left your house as friends.Our thoughts in these sad times are with you and those who are close to you.

On behalf of ISPAS e.V

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