Danknote der Betreuer aus Girona (Spanien)
beim Jugend-in-Aktion-Tanzprojekt „Heimat ist … in Europa“

Tanzprojekt vom 31.03.2013 – 7.04.2013

Dear friends,

Just a few words to tell you we’re back home and working again. We have talked a lot with our students and they are really happy with the experience in Sindelfingen. Now it’s their turn to explain what they have done and to show pictures to other students in the school so that   hey know about the city and you.

As you know, our doors are open for you in our towns and in our homes. Please forward this message of thank you to all the people who took part in the project, especially Martin, Dorothea and the teachers of the workshops.

Thank you again for all the efford you made in preparing the celebration. We’ll keep in touch, since we hope to continue receiving news from you  all.

Lots of kisses and all the best,
Neus and Anna